“In short, photography is a matter of turning loneliness into thoughts”

Shomei Tomatsu


Born in the industrial heartland of South Lanarkshire I watched the night sky glow orange as the steel factory opened it’s furnaces, next door the living breathing metal and lights of the oxygen plant played geometrics with my childhood eyes and the short train ride to the city was an industrial romantic prelude to the dark gritty streets of Glasgow. The pictures were born here long before I picked up a camera.I have family here I was made here; the laughter, the tears and the warm steel of the people shape my work to this day…..

Since 2014 I’ve been passionately shooting the streets of any major urban area I find myself to be wandering in and that journey has led me to move permanently to Tokyo which I believe to be one of the great cities of the genre.I am a member of and contributor to the Progressive Street collective, a vibrant and exciting gang of Street Photographers from around the world.We have an excellent website, magazine and Facebook group documenting our streets and how we live day by day, night by night.

Tokyo awaits as ever, endless and inspiring…..